Jim TaggartJim Taggart – A Licensed, Professional Civil Engineer and owner of TCS Engineering Co., Jim has spent decades designing site development projects throughout central Virginia. He began design on the Eades Hollow Distillery Project when the Virginia Distillery Co. first came to Nelson County back in 2007.  This engagement ignited his interest in the business of Craft Distilling. Jim is a volunteer with the Faber Volunteer Fire Department, The Nelson County Sheriff’s Office and the F.I.R.S.T. Search and Rescue team. Originally from Charlottesville, his family transplanted to Nelson back in the 1970s. Jim is a 1986 graduate of the Virginia Military Institute and has been a fixture in the live music scene in central Virginia since the 80’s. Jim, his wife Paula and two sons Cole and Jack, live in Faber.



Jeff FletcherJeff Fletcher – With Wood family roots dating back to the early 1800s, Jeff has strong ties to Nelson County. A self-employed design, welder/fabricator by trade since 1993, Jeff has spent years working with local wineries, cideries and breweries in Nelson and surrounding counties providing services from startup design to system construction and implementation. That experience led him to be hired as a consultant/project manager with the Virginia Distillery Company in 2008. His involvement in this project and the growing popularity of local craft brewing establishments sparked an interest in the venue of craft distilling. Using his fabricating talent, he built the initial spirit still, wash still and mashtun repurposing stainless steel cafeteria style kettles. Jeff is lifetime member of the Faber Volunteer Fire Department with 15 years of service. Jeff and his father have maintained family farms in Nelson and Buckingham counties raising beef cattle, corn and hay since 1972 and currently grow corn for Woods Mill Distillery. Jeff and his wife Nancy raised their two children Ashley & Jeremy on the family farm in Faber.