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Woods Mill Distillery, a craft distillery in the heart of Nelson County, is proud to offer its fully licensed facility to provide small batch distillation for Virginia’s premier wineries and cideries. Our process is one of batch (Alembic Pot Still) production. Woods Mill Distillery is currently in production of an array of our own Whiskies and Brandies. We typically utilize an initial distillation (stripping run) in our 50 gallon Wash still. We follow that in series, with a final distillation (spirit run ) in our 14 gallon spirit still. This line of equipment is our startup line and we are rapidly moving to expand our production capabilities. We currently have corn crops planted on our properties for our whisky products and utilize local fruits for our Brandies.

Woods Mill Distillery utilizes repurposed equipment for our entire production line from our Lautertun to our stills and condensers. This equipment has been retooled and refitted to produce some of the finest brandies and whisky available. We have designed and developed our equipment including our geothermal cooling system for our condensers with an eye toward stewardship, conservation as well as handcrafted excellence.

Fortified products, such as port or dessert wines typically utilize the addition of higher alcohols. While many producers of fortified products purchase neutral spirits from mass producers, Woods Mill Distillery offers the ability to distill your Virginia Made wine or cider into a higher alcohol spirit. This would be a proprietary spirit to be returned to you for addition to your own crafted wine or cider producing a fortified, “Made-in-Virginia” beverage.

Brandy,“is an alcoholic distillate from the fermented juice, mash, or wine of fruit, or from the residue thereof…” (excerpt from U.S. CFR Standards of Identity).

Woods Mill Distillery has worked with Virginia ABC authorities to develop a protocol which utilizes in-bond transfers between your licensed winery/cidery and Woods Mill Distillery. While TTB and ABC law prohibits the bottling and sale of that spirit except through strictly controlled ABC outlets, your use of the spirit as a fortification product is allowed by permit. Once your preferred distillation is complete, we will rinse your original containers and charge with your new make spirit for your pick up. We will handle the notifications to Virginia ABC.

Woods Mill Distillery, offers two contract distillation services: Single or Double Distillation. Unlike producers of Neutral Spirits (such as GNR), WMD prices distillation runs by the Wine Gallon of your raw product, delivered to our facility in Faber. As a custom distillation much of the delivered quality and quantity is derived from the amount, quality and strength of the original wash delivered by the customer. The stronger, more pure wash, you deliver to us, the more alcohol we can return to you.

Single Distillation, provides a single distilling run through our wash still. This run would typically take a 50 gallon, 10%ABV wash down to around 9 wine gallons of Low Wines at around 40%ABV (80 proof). This product while stripped of much of the water and impurities still maintains a thorough flavor and nose of the original product. Usually a clear product with some particulate matter or residual cloudiness, this Low-Wine production offers the most flavor of the original fruit. ……………………$(call for price) per wine Gal. of Client’s Wash

Double Distillation, provides the stripping run described above through our wash still followed by finish distilling run through our Spirit still. Distillate collected from the Wash Still (Low Wines) would be distilled a second time in our spirit still. This run would typically take a 9 gallon, 40%ABV wash, down to around 5 proof gallons of New Make Spirit at around 75%ABV (150 proof). This product is cleansed of most of the water and impurities and is impeccably clear. It is a noticeably stronger product and is typically reduced in strength to get down to cask strength. This New Make Spirit production offers the most and purest alcohol while still maintaining flavor of the original fruit.…     $(call for price) per wine Gal. of Client’s Wash

Please contact us with your particular interests and we will be happy to discuss the options and potential deliverables for your needs.